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Flying lessons

I’m Dale Hartt.  More than anything I love being a dad, staying fit, and working towards happiness.  I train mixed martial artists in Jiu Jitsu five days a week, and it’s my passion.  The 3 goals for the people I train are for them to be survivors, live sustainably, and to be happy.  I’m striving for the best way to do those things, and this website is your portal to my journey.






Summit of Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe (18,510 feet).

Hey everyone! My name is Sarah Whitty, and I’m Dale’s SufferSmart buddy. My goal with this website is to share with you the most meaningful experiences of my life, both good and bad. I have countless stories about growing giant pumpkins, climbing the world’s tallest mountains, battling ulcerative colitis, getting lost in the woods with Dale, and so much more. As I strive to become healthier, I also plan on sharing my favorites recipes that are free of white flour, white sugar, and processed foods. I hope you enjoy our content, and feel free to email me with any feedback or comments ([email protected]).

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