Pumpkin Cam

Welcome to Pumpkin Cam, where you can obsess over giant pumpkins as much as Sarah. Our Pumpkin Cam will be taking a photo every hour. If you happen to see any funny photos of us out in the garden, feel free to share!

Click here to read Sarah’s giant pumpkin blog.



Behind the Scenes:

Wondering how Pumpkin Cam works? Here are some photos to show you my setup. I am using a little computer called a Raspberry Pi which is the brains behind the operation. I have the Raspberry Pi plugged into an outlet in my shed, and it is able to connect to the wireless in my house to automatically update photos every hour. I am protecting it from rain by keeping it in a rain-proof outlet cover. I reinforced it with duct tape just to be safe!



This is a close-up of the Raspberry Pi and its camera. They are in this rain-proof outlet cover to protect them from the rain.


I used this fence post to attach the camera. I’ll eventually cover up the wires with a trash bag / duct tape setup.


That shed is a convenient source of electricity :-).


Looking at the setup from behind.

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